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Financial Planning

We assist in creating a blueprint for reaching your financial goals. Rome was not built in a day, nor can your wealth management plan. Deliberate preparation and structured advice are key in the progression of one’s financial health.

Retirement Planning

How much money do I need to retire? How long must I work?  What can I expect to have in retirement?  How much additional income is needed to supplement Social Security and Pension income?

We will create a clear path and monitor progress along the way to make sure these questions remain answered throughout your professional career and into retirement.  

Investment Management

Proper execution of your investment strategy begins with an understanding of the market and a time-tested process to help increase the chance of success.  Your planning requires a clear-cut strategy for investment so that we can accommodate for surprises and life events that risk derailing a poorly monitored plan.

Risk Management

Unlike others, we do not invest money to “make” you wealthy, we invest to help keep you from ever becoming poor. The investment market can be a scary place, but it is an important tool to help you reach your goals if used correctly.  We implement appropriate market diversification* to help reduce the risk associated with individual positions while strategically overweighting and underweighting industries and geographical regions as opportunity presents itself.

*Using diversification as part of your investment strategy neither assures nor guarantees better performance and cannot protect against loss of principal due to changing market conditions.

Estate Planning

It starts with a plan and not a product. You take a lifetime building your wealth, and it is our intention that it is properly protected so that you can pass along the legacy you worked so hard to create.  This can mean defining the legacy you leave for loved ones, strategic charitable gifting, and a review of the documents and plans for execution of your wishes in your final hours.

Succession Planning

Business owners often have a significant amount of their identity tied to the business they worked so diligently to grow and protect.  A smooth transition to the next generation is imperative to insure the legacy lives on.  We oversee that process and offer guidance during the initial steps, during the transition, and throughout the process.

Higher Education Planning

One of the biggest concerns for young parents (and newly anointed grandparents) is how to properly save for college.  There are multiple levels of participation, and we help you identify what is ideal for you and your family, and how to properly implement that strategy.

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