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Castlebury Financial Advisors is now FSM Wealth


(September 23, 2021) NASHVILLE, ILIn late August 2021, we announced that Castlebury Financial Advisors is finalizing the merger transition to FSM Wealth. As part of her succession plan, it was Joan McClune’s goal to find a comparable firm with the same core values, level of service, and approach to planning – and several months of vetting each other, FSM Wealth, Inc. and Castlebury Financial Advisors entered a partnership and begin planning the transition. Moving forward, all correspondence will include the FSM Wealth name and logo as we phase out the Castlebury branding. We believe this merge presents additional opportunities to our clients. In addition to the team in the Boise-area office, we now have supplementary support staff and advisors in Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and California. The Eagle, ID office was able to add two employees in the past year and make equipment and system upgrades to further improve our behind-the-scenes process. Our Eagle office address and phone number remain the same.

Our recent client event was also a celebration of Joan McClune’s 22-year career in finance and Joan announced her retirement. The past two decades have presented Joan with many professional opportunities, from owning her own practice to teaching courses at Boise State University to speaking engagements, and she is now looking forward to pivoting her focus to her family and health. We wish Joan all the happiness in the next phase of her life.

Though the name has changed, our commitment to and focus on our clients remains the same. From all of us at FSM Wealth, we are honored to serve our clients and look forward to our continued working relationship.